Buying Shoes as a Gift

Buying shoes for somebody else is no easy task. They are certainly a gift that many would shy away from giving. In some cultures, it is seen as a bad omen to gift shoes. For the less superstitious among us, with the correct approach, buying shoes as a gift can make for the perfect present.

By following a few simple shoe buying rules, you can easily avert disaster. The first step is to work out what sort of shoes your gift’s recipient likes. Check their collection, think about their appearance and fashion trends.

Once you have established the type of shoe they will appreciate, you need to –

  • Check what size shoe they wear.
  • Look at the width, do they wear wide or narrow?
  • What styles do they prefer, contemporary or traditional?
  • Are there any materials they prefer?

If you cannot establish all of the above, you might end up with a red face. Always keep the box and receipt, that way if the shoes do not fit or are not to their liking, they can be returned. If you are still unsure, a gift card is always a safe bet and then they can choose their own.


Shoes for Women

It is no secret that women love shoes. The world of women’s shoes can easily become overwhelming. There are so many different types of shoes, with so many different variations, fashions, styles, shapes and sizes.

When choosing shoes for women, you may want to avoid the more glamourous designs, especially heels. Glam party shoes tend to be tight fitting and really need to be tried on before a commitment is made.

Loafers, boots and slip ons all tend to be a little more universal. If you follow the above steps, it should not be too difficult to find a perfect pair.

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Shoes for Men

Buying shoes for men is a little easier. Generally, man stick to just a couple of styles and this is reflected in the market. How men dress and the type of activities they undertake usually determines their preference in footwear.

For the casual man, trainers or shoes should suffice. For the more active men, a lightweight trainer, sliders or boot. Again, following the steps to success will make this a simple task.

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Shoes for Kids

Kids have character! Dependent on their age, buying them shoes that reflect that character will always be the best option. Children’s shoes, like women’s, have no end of choice. From Disney characters to coloured laces and flashing lights, kid’s shoes are fun and fashionable.

In addition to the above steps, always consider the child’s age. Children grow fast so adding a little extra to the shoe size might be a good option.

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