Discover The Playprints World Collection Through A Unique Roblox Game

Put your gaming shoes on and get ready for an adventure like no other. To celebrate the launch of PLAYPRINTS shoes for kids, Clarks is launching a unique game on the popular user-generated content and gaming platform Roblox. The game, aptly named PLAYPRINTS World, will feature fun adventures, puzzles, and challenges, all of which can be attempted alongside four legendary heroes. Continue reading as we explain how this creative project will work, how you can participate, and what lies in store in the handcrafted worlds you can explore.

Unlocking The Power of Roblox

PLAYPRINTS World was designed and created by the exceptionally talented team at MELON, a studio known for creating original gaming properties and fully utilizing the Metaverse for immersive brand collaborations. For this project, they collaborated closely with Clarks to craft a digital realm based on the PLAYPRINTS collection. This collaboration was made possible early in 2023 after MELON was acquired by Super League Gaming, a company renowned for its strategic integration of game development and experiential content across vast digital ecosystems.

To kickstart the launch event, Clarks partnered with Bayy, a female-led marketing and production agency. Bayy was tasked with creating a fun experience that would attract attention and generate ample buzz around the Clarks PLAYPRINTS collection of shoes for girls and boys. The highlight was a Clarks and PLAYPRINTS-themed truck touring the UK, visiting a select group of influencer families and surprising them with fun activities and goodies, including special Clarks suitcases filled with PLAYPRINTS kid's shoes and other cool stuff.

How To Play PLAYPRINTS World on Roblox

PLAYPRINTS World is for everyone! If you want to join the fun and start playing, simply follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be visiting exotic locations in no time.

Step 1: Sign in to Roblox

Before you can play our exciting game, you first need to either create a Roblox account or sign in to your existing account. It’s free, so no need to worry about surprise fees - you can just start playing. Just type “PLAYPRINTS World” into the search bar and you’re good to go!

Step 2: Start Playing

Once you have selected PLAYPRINTS World inside the Roblox app, you can start immersing yourself in the wonderfully handmade mystical lands prepared by the MELON team. With your snazzy PLAYPRINTS trainers on and your trusty PLAYPRINTS heroes by your side, you're ready to dive into exciting challenges and solve some awesome puzzles.

There are four worlds you can look forward to, all listed below.

Forgotten Forest: A world with lush jungles and ancient secrets that are waiting to be uncovered by keen-eyed heroes. You might even find hidden treasure on your journey in these green lands!

Shimmer Lagoon: A beautiful underwater world where you will witness clean, unspoiled beauty that you wouldn’t necessarily find on the surface. Solve mysteries and uncover spectacular oceanic wonders that will make you wish you were able to visit for real!

Magic Falls: If you have ever wanted to explore a magical kingdom like the ones you see in your favorite childhood movies, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Climb all the way to the top and take in the amazing view. Those with a sharp eye will be able to unearth a few magical surprises.

Sandy Flats: Whizz across the vast open plains of the unique Sandy Flats world, inspired by the real-world Savannah. These wide open spaces are begging to be explored, with many enchanting and elusive secrets just waiting to be uncovered.

Step 3: Meet The PLAYPRINTS Heroes

You will not be alone on this epic journey. Four epic PLAYPRINTS heroes will accompany you, each with their own special abilities and magical powers. You will need to master all of their talents to guarantee victory against Queen Lena!

  • 🌿 Maple: While she may be a pint-sized fairy, she has a heart of gold. Her special ability to shrink and grow will be perfect for navigating tight spots.
  • 🦖 Rex: A skateboarding dinosaur with excellent beatboxing skills. His super strength ability will help you navigate over (or through) tough obstacles.
  • 🌊 Esme: When she’s not gracefully swimming through the sea, she’s using her flippers-turned-wings to help out her friends on land! You won’t need to hold your breath underwater when he’s around.
  • 🐾 Clowder: As fast as he his friendly, Clowder is known as the coolest cat in the Sandy Flats. His super speed ability will help you get around quickly (which will come in handy during the races).

Step 4: Unlock Magical Powers and Missions

While you explore, you will encounter several magical missions that will challenge your gaming skills and keep you on your toes. Complete them all to become a PLAYPRINTS legend!

You will be able to unlock unique PLAYPRINTS powers in each world, including super speed, underwater breathing, size changing, and super strength! You will need all these powers at your disposal to unlock hidden areas and to find every secret. 

If you need additional assistance to  overcome the many challenges in PLAYPRINTS World, you can head to the Crystal Cave virtual store, where you will be able to buy custom outfits (including sweet Clarks-branded virtual kicks) and power-ups. 

Step 5: Defeat the Final Boss

Once you have progressed through the game, unlocked all of the powers, and completed all the required missions, you will need to brace for a showdown with the evil Queen Lena, the final boss of PLAYPRINTS World. Defeating her will unlock a magical key that will allow you to restore harmony to the world and claim your rightful place as the ultimate PLAYPRINTS champion.  

Make Your Mark and Let Your Imagination Run Wild

In the universe of PLAYPRINTS World and Roblox, the sky is the limit. That is why Clarks partnered with MELON and Bayy to create a fully immersive experience that allows you to ignite your imagination and explore fantastical locales. It is the perfect example of interactive branding, allowing us to showcase the PLAYPRINTS collection of shoes for boys and girls in a fun and interactive way. 

PLAYPRINTS shoes are designed with unique mark-making soles, fostering interactive play even beyond the digital confines of the Metaverse. 

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