How Clarks is Shaking Up the TikTok Shoes Scene with Iconic Footwear

Clarks is making a bold statement on social media this summer with its TikTok shoes. Clarks is making waves on TikTok by collaborating with influential influencers to celebrate individuality, comfort, and self-expression with the Torhill dance, inspired by its next-generation Wallabee.

The Torhill: A Fusion of Style and Comfort

Clarks, a brand known for its rich heritage, is no stranger to innovation. With their new Youth Torhill collection of trainers, they are keeping their roots while evolving with the times. The Torhill shoe stands out as the epitome of wearability, comfort, and urban style, making it an ideal choice for street dance enthusiasts. This remarkable addition to Clarks' lineup, derived from the brand's acclaimed adult collection, draws undeniable inspiration from the iconic Wallabee, which has significantly contributed to the creation of this latest icon. Moreover, it represents an important evolution in Clarks' school shoes, catering to the preferences of the Gen-Z demographic.

Torhill's unbeatable comfort is achieved with premium, responsibly sourced suede uppers and flexible, lightweight soles. These design elements prioritise not only style but also the wearer's well-being, ensuring a comfortable experience that can withstand the rigours of street dance.

A notable feature of the Torhill design is the exclusive debossed fob. Featuring Glastonbury Tor, this detail evokes Clarks' roots and their profound relationship to the place from which the brand was born. This deliberate nod to heritage underscores the brand's commitment to its roots while emphasising its enduring legacy in the world of footwear.

The #TorhillDance TikTok Stars

Clarks has teamed up with some of TikTok's most prominent stars to celebrate the #TorhillDance campaign. These social superstars, McKenzi Brooke, Kida The Great, and Lewis Leigh, bring their boundless energy and creativity to the platform, showcasing the Torhill's style and comfort through their unique dance moves.

McKenzi Brooke

With an impressive following of 16.5 million on TikTok, McKenzi Brooke is no stranger to the world of dance and self-expression. Originally from California, she discovered hip-hop at a young age and describes her style as sparkly cowgirl. She wears different Torhill colours on each foot which is a true testament to her individuality.

Kida The Great

Known for his deep passion for hip-hop, Kida The Great shot to fame after winning the 13th season of "So You Think You Can Dance." With Usher and Chris Brown as his peers, Kida has performed with many of the biggest names in the music industry. Kida keeps it fresh with his laid-back hip-hop urban style, always complemented by his favourite Torhill shoes.

Lewis Leigh

Lewis Leigh is a Welsh TikTok sensation who loves dancing and his family. As a child, Lewis was inspired to dance by his professional dancer mom and his dad, who practised break dancing. His go-to style includes cargo, oversized tees, and, of course, Torhill shoes.

Owning Every Move in Torhill

Clarks lets you express your individuality through fashion, making them the best school shoes in Dubai. Torhill's TikTok mission goes beyond footwear; it's about individuality, self-expression, and confidence. Together with TikTok stars, Clarks is pushing the boundaries of fashion to inspire a new age of personal expression.

Join the #TorhillDance movement, lace up your Torhills, and express your unique style with confidence.