How to Choose Shoes for Walking

Whether you are a keen hiker exploring mountainous regions or enjoy leisurely strolls around places of beauty, having suitable footwear is important. You need to be able to enjoy the walk, but also keep your feet both comfortable and safe.

You should consider the terrain, the climate but also the expected weather conditions as well as the length of the walk.

Shoes or Boots?

When deciding on the type of footwear you will need, consideration should be given to stability, flexibility and comfort.

Shoes present a lightweight option perfect for flat walks with little in the way of climb to contend with. For such walks, a heavier boot would only slow you down. Shoes are less restrictive, more flexible and versatile.

A good walking shoe will have well-built outer soles with good grip to keep you stable. They should have well cushioned insoles, be sturdy and a good fit. The exterior of the shoe will usually feature toe and heel bumpers to protect both your feet and the shoe from rocky terrain.

Boots will also feature all of the above, albeit a little more restrictive. They are generally a sturdier design, offering more support for your ankles and ultimately, more protection for your feet.

Our Braxin Mid boots feature rubber soles for extra grip and Ortholite footbeds to reduce shock. Perfect for a day with plenty of travel by foot.  

What Material?

Lastly, you will need to make a decision on the type of material the shoe or boot will be made of. Leather has been favoured for shoes for as long as footwear has been around.

Leather is tough, hard wearing, easily cleaned and looks great. The downside is that it is less breathable than some of the newer fabrics used in the manufacturing of footwear. It takes longer to break in than some other fabrics and is often heavier.

What About Running Shoes?

Whilst it may seem to make sense that shoes for running should also be suitable for walking, it is not the case. When running your feet use the balls of your feet as the main point of contact. Therefore, running shoes focus their cushioning on the front of the shoe.

When you walk, you use the heel of your foot as the point of contact. For this reason, walking shoes or boots will have bevelled, well cushioned heels to absorb the impact of your steps.

Hotter Climates

Out here in the Middle East, Clarks have the ultimate solution for your feet. Our Wave collection of sandals and shoes have rocker soles, designed to naturally aid walking. Keeping your feet cool, making walking easier these sports sandals are the perfect accompaniment to a day on your feet with a 4cm heel for that extra cushioning.

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