New Year, New Me, New Shoes – Shoes for the Office

Footwear is likely to be the one item from your wardrobe that has a real impact on your physical health. Taking the impact out of each step you take; good shoes distribute that force and keep your feet comfortable and in good shape.

The Workplace

This is why choosing the correct footwear is important, in particular, for the workplace. For the most part, we work Monday to Friday, 9-5. The job you do will determine the footwear you require. Keeping your feet comfortable and fresh should always take precedence over fashion or following uniform policies.

You should make sure the shoes fit, support your foot’s arch, have plenty of cushioning at the heel and are made with breathable material. Consider the type of work you are going to be doing, an office worker will obviously need different shoes than a construction worker. How much time will you spend on your feet? Will you need to travel distances by foot? Will you need to be more active in your role?

In this blog, we will be looking at shoes fit for the office.

Desert Collection

A popular shoe for the office worker is the ankle boot. Offering extra support around the ankle, with durable soles featuring a textured grip and a small heel, our Ronnie Lo GTX are perfect for the office. Inspired by our increasingly popular and iconic desert boot. A classic design, made with Gore-Tex, remaining breathable and waterproof.


Brogues are definitely at the smarter end of the work shoe spectrum. Leather uppers, decorated with perforations which double as inlets for fresh air, comfortable insoles and textured grip outsoles, brogues are as formal as men’s shoes get.

If you need a little more comfort in your working day, you might consider our Helston Limit black leather brogues. Inspired by the Athleisure collection these lightweight, polished leather brogues also have a sporty sole, keeping them more comfortable than a traditional brogue. 


The variation found in our loafers offer something for work and something for the weekend. Polished leathers or soft suede, these slip-on shoes have an apron design with a rounded toe.

The distinctive silhouette of the loafer has been a popular sight in offices all around the world. The lightweight Tilden Way are crafted using premium leathers, detailed with stitching and Cushion Soft™ layers in the sole for extra comfort.

Our men’s collection has something for every eventuality. You can shop the complete collection by following this link.