Reasons to Invest in Leather Shoes for your Kids

With a new school year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what shoes to buy. Buying new school shoes can be a joyous occasion, the pair you choose should carry your little learner through their next year of school.

Careful considerations should be given to the style, size and comfort of the shoe. The shoe should fit, but also have room to grow. They should be hard wearing and durable, but also be comfortable, especially over the course of a school day.

For the most part, schools dictate a black shoe. The most popular choice for most parents and children alike is leather shoes.

But why is leather such a popular choice?


Soft leather shoes allow airflow and are great at regulating temperature. Regardless of the activity, leather shoes will regulate the temperature of the feet, keeping them cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool.

As well as regulating temperature with airflow, this also keeps the shoes bacteria free, meaning the shoes stay clean and fresh.

Hard Wearing

Leather shoes last longer than shoes made from mesh, canvas or other synthetic materials. It is high quality, making it tough and durable.

School children certainly put their shoes through the paces. A school shoe needs to be able to adapt, unlike your typical office shoes, they might end substituting a football boot at dinner time.

Easy to Clean

The three words that every parent of a growing child wants to hear. You can clean leather shoes by merely wiping them with a damp cloth. You can also bring tired looking shoes back to life with a simple polish and shine.

In fact, regular maintenance will keep the shoes looking new and shiny well into, if not throughout the school year.


Whilst shoes need to provide protection for growing feet, they also need to be comfortable. As a durable material, leather is hard wearing, but it is also quite malleable. Leather will adapt to the shape of your child’s foot without causing pain or discomfort.

Being more adaptable, means being a better fit, and being a better fit means a being a comfier shoe.

How Long Can Leather Shoes Last?

Leather shoes can be expected, with daily use to last around 2 years. With proper maintenance, and high-quality leather, this could be increased from between 5-7 years. Some lower quality leather may only see the best of a year.

At Clarks, we have a range of leather kids school shoes, made only using the highest quality leather. With many styles, designs and colourways to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect shoe for children of any age.

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