Step into the Future at Expo2020

There is still time to visit the remarkable Expo 2020 Dubai. With 192 countries represented, the festival is one of the largest events ever staged in the Arab world. It is also the first time the world Expo has been hosted in the MEASA region.

Bringing the world back together, the Expo was delayed in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The delay served to increase the focus on the Expo’s main aim, connecting minds and creating the future. Picking up the pieces after the pandemic and bringing people together, Expo 2020 has an extra special feel about it.

Enjoy Expo in comfort

As things draw to a close over the next 37 days, we’re sure you have a visit to Expo2020 on your ‘To Do List’. Since Expo covers over 1000 acres, choosing the right footwear will go a long way to ensure you get through the day in comfort.  Here’s some tips to guarantee your feet have some extra cushioning and support.

  • Wear lightweight and breathable shoes. Low and supportive heels should be favoured over high heels.
  • Making sure the shoes fit properly to avoid shoe bites or slipping. Your toes should be able to wiggle in the front and you should have enough space to fit your finger in the back.
  • Don’t wear new shoes especially since you’ll be in them for long periods. It is important to break shoes in by wearing them for up to a week before spending a full day active in them.
  • For anyone prone to foot pain or similar conditions, wear your orthotics for optimal comfort.

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Business over pleasure

If your visit to the Expo is more business than pleasure, you might need to think about your appearance as well as keeping comfortable. The Clarks Athleisure range finds a middle ground between formal and casual, resulting in a smart shoe that holds all the benefits of a trainer.

The men’s Draper Cap for example, makes use of a dressy leather upper, with the lightweight, supportive, comfortable and sporty sole.

In the women’s Athleisure range, the Un Karely Sun Nubuck Cross Over has a lightweight EVA sole and uses Gait Mapping technology to reduce foot fatigue. 

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To read more about Expo2020, which runs up until 31st March ’22, you can visit their site here.