Summer Shoes - The Importance of Breathable Footwear

After a long warm day at work, kicking off your shoes can be a real treat. From time to time however, you might be greeted by some less-than-pleasant odours. Sweaty feet are usually the result of the uppers of your shoes lacking proper ventilation.  

Finding shoes with uppers made of breathable fabric or that are simply better ventilated is the answer. In warmer months or hotter climates, they become a necessity, especially for those working all day. 

Having such shoes drastically reduces the risk of fungal infections such as athletes’ foot, as well as blisters and sores. Using breathable material for the uppers means warm air and water vapours are expelled from the shoe and cooler air can circulate around your feet. 

The History of Breathable Shoes


Traditionally, shoes have been crafted to keep your feet comfortable, safe and dry. For waterproof shoes especially, this presents an issue for air circulation. In creating a waterproof shoe, sacrifices were often made in comfort and breathability. 

With clothing, cottons create breathable fabrics which allow for the flow of air. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, cotton is an ideal candidate. Durable, however, it is not. Shoes are often made with plastics, leather or polyurethanes, particularly in the soles which need to be hard wearing. 

These kinds of materials are less than breathable. They trap in heat, sweat and bacteria which over time can cause issues with your feet, especially if you are wearing your shoes for extended periods of time. 

In the late 20th century, technological advances saw textiles created that were both waterproof and breathable. Microporous membranes which offer water-resistant, breathable and windproof materials from which the uppers of shoes can be crafted, were one such solution. 

Combinations of textiles, meshes, air pockets and innovative design see today’s shoe market very different from those of thirty years ago. 

Clarks Comfort 365


At Clarks, we take a range of technologies and innovations to create breathable footwear, suitable for a range of activities. 

Our Active Air technology utilises underfoot air pods which circulate air around the feet. This offers extra cushioning whilst also maximising the breathability of the shoes. 

Using specially developed membranes such as Gore-Tex or our own C-Shell, keeps the uppers of our waterproof range highly ventilated, and your feet fresh. 

By working to create shoes that consider the feet first, Clarks shoes are always fashionable, comfortable and safe. To read more about our breathable technologies used in Clarks Comfort 365, you can click here.