The Biggest Shoe Trends Of 2022 (And What’s Hot For 2023)

2022 was a year of bold statements and empowered attitudes in the footwear industry. The biggest shoe trends of 2022 are set to continue in 2023, which means we can expect to see striking silhouettes with exuberantly clunky soles throughout the year. This trend consistency will make it easier than ever to find the hottest styles in Dubai. Join us as we delve into the trends that defined the footwear industry in 2022 and explore how these styles are expected to evolve in 2023.

The Definitive Trends Of 2022

Taking inspiration from the best men’s formal shoes, ladies’ shoes in 2022 struck a perfect balance between comfort and making a statement. This was exemplified by the prevalence of chunky, angular loafers and slip-ons. These shoes had a chic modern appearance with a classical, yet modest twist. Hefty soles made the shoes appear less dainty, taking a bolder approach that has been picking up steam in 2023.

The trend of “bigger and bolder” found its way into the design of every kind of shoe, from boots to Mary Janes and even sandals. Even trainers and sneakers were larger and bulkier than in previous years. The shift away from stilettos and steep heels was welcomed by women across the globe, especially in the formalwear department, as the focus on comfort meant that style did not have to be sacrificed for practicality.

For the women who still preferred more ladylike shoes, 2022 still saw a prevalence of metallics and embellishments in party footwear. Gemstones and sequins further ensured that ladies’ shoes could maintain their femininity while still conforming to seasonal trends.

How Clarks Is Winning The 2023 Shoe Game

Thicker and chunkier soles are set to be the stars of the 2023 fashion scene, just like they were in 2022. If you take a glance at the Clarks New Arrival page, for example, you will be able to see this trend on full display. Unapologetically bold designs are fused with conventional feminine styles to create classic shoe silhouettes with a modern and trendy twist. The focus on comfort is expanded, with additional emphasis on durability and longevity.

Clarks is winning the shoe game with several new collections that highlight the trend of shoes being both fashionable and comfortable to wear. While bulky designs are still prevalent, Clarks has chosen to incorporate classic design elements to create a truly timeless series of shoes.

The three collections below showcase why Clarks is always ahead of the game.

  • The ATL collection focuses on freedom of movement and comfort and utilises weatherproof technology and ultra-grip soles to allow wearers to go nearly anywhere and traverse any terrain without having to change to a new pair of shoes.
  • The Icons Reimagined collection makes good use of the iconic Clarks outline while also incorporating bold and trendy design elements. These retro-inspired shoes bring a new level of modern aesthetic in classic athleisure apparel.
  • The sustainability-minded will find great value in the Origin 2.0 collection. Reduce your carbon footprint with a range of shoes that use varying degrees of recycled materials. When your Origin 2.0 shoe reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can be recycled again. Making a bold statement with a bold shoe has never been easier.

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If there is one shoe retailer that knows how to stay on trend in 2023, it’s Clarks. We observe the latest trends and add our own signature twist to ensure that every shoe in our collection allows you to put your best foot forward, no matter the occasion.

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