The Perfect Fit – Why Properly Fitting Footwear is Important

Properly fitting shoes can benefit much more than just your feet. Shoes that fit properly are not too loose and not too tight, your feet should be able to breathe, and they should be comfortable all day long, if need be. 

When shoes are too big or too small, not only can they rub causing calluses, blisters and corns, but they can affect your gait causing issues elsewhere on your body. Your body is a finely balanced machine, off-setting something as simple as the was you walk can lead to problems in your legs, knees, hips and back. 

Good shoes are a good investment. Much like a bed, you spend a lot of time in your shoes, so making sure they’re fit for purpose and comfy should always be paramount. 

How to Measure Shoe Size

To measure your feet, you should put your foot on a flat surface with your heel up against a straight edge. Using a ruler, measure from the straight edge to the end of your longest toe (not always your big toe). You should always measure each foot and the measurement should be taken in millimetres. 

Shoe Fit Guide 

When you’ve measured your feet, you can use a chart to find what size shoe you are. Different regions have different sizes, so use the appropriate size for wherever you’re shopping. 

When trying shoes on, the ball of your foot should fit comfortably in the widest part of the shoe. There should be space to fit a finger between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. You should also be able to fit a finger between your heel and the heel of the shoe without space to spare, or without too much difficulty. 

It’s always advisable to walk in shoes when trying them out. This will ensure they are fit for purpose during normal activities. 

What Problems Could the Wrong Shoes Cause?

Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause several ailments, some mild, some severe. As your feet carry your weight and work relentlessly, ensuring they are comfortable and well supported is incredibly important. 

Aside from the usual array of blisters and corns, wearing problematic footwear could lead to foot pains, peripheral neuropathy or even deformities. Many of these issues can then move on to cause problems in joints just as the ankle, knee or hips and even as far up as your back. 

Your body works in almost its entirety to keep you stable and balanced when walking. Just a slight change in the way your feet impact the floor can result in chronic pain or permanent damage. Properly fitting shoes will help you avoid any such issue. 

At Clarks, we have embraced technology and every store has its own iPad equipped with an app to accurately measure the size of your feet. We want you to have the perfect fit every time. With a range of sizes, wide, slim and halves, throughout our range there’s something for everyone. Click here for our size guide.