Winter Ready: The Ideal Trio – Durability, Lightweight Comfort, and Outstanding Grip in our Boots

As the fall landscape paints itself in vibrant hues and the winter's chill starts to bite, you might've noticed those cool “moc-toe” shoes around. Their recent surge in popularity has elevated them to trendsetting heights. They're classy yet tough, with a touch of something different that draws folks who want both style and sturdiness in their shoes.

Clarks steps into the spotlight by introducing a lineup of upgraded casual winter boots. The ideal pair of boots built for winter combines cutting-edge designs with weather-ready durability. If you're shopping for winter snow boots, we've got you covered.

Key Features of Clarks' Upgraded Boots

Drawing attention to the particular qualities of these casual boots, Clarks highlights three key features that define their excellence:

Durable Design

Clarks' upgraded boots exude a distinctive silhouette, instantly recognisable and crafted to withstand the elements. Premium leather uppers coupled with protective rubber reinforcements ensure resilience against harsh weather conditions, while the addition of leather storm welts guarantees durability year-round.

Total Grip

One of the critical components of any reliable footwear is traction, and Clarks has taken this seriously. The inclusion of chunky-light lugged triple-layer rubber outsoles provides unmatched stability and traction. Each step is secured, enabling confident movement across various terrains.

Lightweight Comfort

While these boots are designed for toughness, they don't compromise on comfort. With lightweight EVA midsoles and breathable leather-lined cushioning, these boots allow you to move effortlessly and comfortably throughout the day.

There is never a shortage of Clarks boots in UAE, with the Wallabee and the Desert Trek sprouting a new lease on life. Designed for cooler weather, these tried-and-true styles are made from premium, durable leather and feature outdoor-ready technology. This upgrade feels both contemporary and in line with the timeless standard set by this iconic British footwear brand.

How Do I Know If My Boots Are Good for Winter?

Winter means pulling out cosy sweaters, woollen scarves and a footwear shift. Boots that are tailored for the cold season become a crucial part of our wardrobe. Understanding what makes a great pair of winter boots can be the key to finding the perfect match that seamlessly merges style and functionality, just like the renowned Clarks autumn-winter boots.


Boots made of leather uppers  that are bonded to soles with protective rubber reinforcements handle cold better. Clark's winter boots feature EVA midsoles, which provide stability to your foot and are designed to withstand rough terrain, body weight, and various stresses while walking. 


When selecting colours for winter boots, consider functionality over aesthetics. If you're exposed to debris or work outdoors, dark-coloured boots like black or deep hues are ideal. Light colours tend to appear worn over time due to external elements.

Comfort and Quality

To prevent issues like plantar fasciitis, winter boots should have a cushioned footbed and adequate ankle support. In addition, casual boots made from responsibly sourced leather uppers  and leather storm welts are signs of high quality. Winter-ready designs from Clarks offer ankle support, making them ideal for those seeking both comfort and protection.

Top Choices

Slip-on boots feature functional closures.  An expertly crafted boot with a zipper and a webbing pull loop like the WALPATH ZIP is ideal for ease of use.

Bold Style, Built for Winter

Rarely does a timeless shoe get the chance for a reboot (pun intended), but the best classics serve as an excellent starting point. It's why timeless Clarks boots have become a blank canvas for a fresh take on autumn and winter footwear.

With the winter season around the corner, Clarks invites you to step out in fashion. We are offering training shoes for women as well as men's shoes on sale this time of year. Braced for the cooler season, these casual footwear options are your most stylish and comfortable winter footgear yet.