Work Shoes Guide – Things to Consider When Choosing Work Shoes

The workplace often requires you to dress appropriately, and that rule does not usually stop at the ankles. Making sure your feet both conform and stay comfortable is sometimes easier said than done.

Obviously not every job has the same requirement, or strict uniform policy. Some may require specialist shoes. It might be the case that the shoes needed meet such specifications, that your workplace provides them for you.

For the rest of us, however, finding the right shoes can make our working week much easier. The best work shoes for men and women will differ, but there are some simple guidelines we can all follow for happier feet.


Choosing the Right Shoes for the Office

Practical with a touch of stylish is often the go to for office work. Dependent on the uniform policy, smart casual should be suitable.

Our recommendations in the best shoes for office work are lightweight, breathable and wide. Wide soles and low heels, for women and men, will keep you most comfortable both on and off your feet. Higher heels leave your Achilles contracted and over a days work, this can cause tendonitis.

If your office attire demands a more professional look, i.e., a suit, low and wide is still preferable. For grey or navy suits, brown or tan leather is the perfect finish. Black shoes for everything else. You can check out our black shoes for men here, or here for black shoes for women.


Shoes for Hospitality

If you work in the hospitality sector, it is likely you will be spending much of your time on your feet. Particularly if you work with food. For those in and out of kitchens, a good rubber sole for grip is essential.

You may also want to consider the fabric used in the upper of the shoe as well. Something durable, but also easy to clean. Spillages can and usually will occur, so an easy wipe material is a preference.

Cheaper fabrics will deteriorate quicker when exposed to the varying drips and drops from plates or glasses. Polished leather can be both durable, and easily wiped.

As you are on your feet for extended periods of time, cushioned, supportive and stable should also be added to the list of requirements.

Best Shoes for Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, you are probably already aware that supporting your arches is the key to comfort. Always opt for shoes with extra arch support or find some arch supporting insoles to fit inside.

It is worth remembering also, that your feet swell through the day. When trying shoes on, especially if you have specific requirements, the afternoon will produce the most accurate fit. Stability, support and a firm heel will always be the best work shoes for flat feet.


Maternity Shoes  

A pregnancy does not always mean maternity shoes for work. Some careful planning around the ankles and feet will draw up plenty of options.

Heels should always be a firm no during pregnancy. Firstly, heels can hinder your balance at a time when your balance is offset, and your cargo is precious. Secondly, your ligaments become looser during pregnancy leaving them more susceptible to strains and sprains.

Something flat, wide and soft like moccasins or loafers are the best work shoes for pregnancy. During the later months, the best place for your feet is up on a footrest preparing for the joys of motherhood.


Best Shoes for Outdoors

For the lucky few of us that work outdoors in the elements, something waterproof, protective and well made is the answer. Steel toe-capped with ankle support for the more vigorous operations.

Again, the type of shoe will depend on the type of work. For those covering long distances, such as postal workers, the uniform policy is often a little more relaxed when it comes to your feet. Sports shoes, designed for support and comfort through intense activity should be the perfect fit.

Whatever your industry, Clarks offer the best work shoes for men and women. For further information relating to specialist requirements and the technologies used in our shoes, you can read more here.