Our Trigenic technology optimises the natural movement of your foot through technical innovation and responsive cushioning. So, it’s only natural that we make them using innovative and more sustainable methods. 24/09/19

Made to move you, our Trigenic range combines targeted flex points and ultra-light EVA outsoles with grip pods to take movement to a whole new level.

But we weren’t happy simply fusing cutting-edge technology with expert craftsmanship and a classic moccasin construction. That’s why we decided to make the Tri Native uppers from 80% recycled materials.

By utilising a similar process to the one we used to create our ingenious kids gym bag, we’re now able to reuse post-consumer plastic waste, shredding it, melting it and then spinning it into yarn. The result? More plastic diverted from our ecosystem. By replacing just one of the materials in our collection with a recycled option, we estimate we’ve prevented over 1 million bottles entering landfill.

The yarn produced through this inventive method is then used as part of the engineered knit we pioneered specifically for the Tri Native. A bespoke process in which each piece is knitted individually, we can not only create intricate patterns, but multiple textures and colour combinations as well. By adding additional yarn, we were also able to strengthen the structure of the knit to ensure it holds its shape over time.

The Tri Native is just one step on our path to reducing waste. Find out what else we’re doing to reach our goal below.