The Perfect Fit – What Shoes for What Occasion

When it comes to choosing shoes, many of us are spoilt for choice. Do you the sliders with the chino shorts, or the pumps with the leggings? The loafers with the jeans or the heels and a dress? Choosing footwear should always take into account the type of activities your day entails. Ladies most likely have a better understanding of this than men. 

If you are spending the day on your feet, comfortable footwear could be the difference between a great day out and a disaster. 

Job Interview 

Formal shoes are best, but keep them comfy. The last thing you want in a job interview is to be fidgeting because your feet are sore. You want to walk in with confidence, an air of sleek sophistication, and walk out with the job. 

Ladies – Professional Pumps 

Men – Chelsea Boots

Day at The Beach

If you are planning a sand filled adventure, something easy to slide on and off is an essential. Keeping open toes could be handy, especially across softer sand. For the more adventurous heading out into the water, specially made ‘aqua shoes’ provide protection from all most all things that lurk in the deep. 

Ladies – Flat Sandals 

Men – Sliders 

The Gym 

When undertaking any sort of exercise, the type and fit of your shoe is never more important. You should choose a shoe firstly on its suitability for the type of workout you are planning, running, cycling, weights etc. Good grip will almost always be a necessity. Sports shoes in general, laced up with good grip are advisable, although if you plan a more detailed discipline such as running, more attention should be given to the support a particular pair provides your feet. 

Ladies & Men – Workout Trainers

Out for Drinks

Heading out for drinks with friends is always a joyous occasion. You want to look your best, whilst remaining comfortable in your outfit. Smart casual shoes or even smart casual trainers can always be a compromise between style and comfort. If the destination is a little more luxury, consider how much walking will be involved or how long you will be on your feet. 

Ladies – Chunky Heels

Men – Loafers

However you plan on spending your day, remember that footwear should be more than an accessory. Your feet take the burden of your weight day in day out, and the slightest off set to your gait can result in injury, both short and long term. To read more about how to measure up for the best fitting shoe, check other Perfect Fit blog by clicking here.